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  • i am going to buy some mutual fund tomorrow friday, and if it going down again, I will buy  more, if going up, less  回复
  • Saw a Toyota van burning last night at tennis court parking lot. the fire truck came put out the fire. first time to see a fire and fire truck so closely. the moral of the story is, buy american :) 回复
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  • 毕业学校wild goose university
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花木 2012-11-22 04:12 AM
panda: yeah, still hanging here. you should come back see us soon!
sure, and i will tell the 老大,带着他的家眷,还有他的国宝,坐着那马车来。:)  
Happy Thanksgiving.
花木 2012-11-20 05:18 PM
panda: 时代不同了

nice to see you back
nice to see you are still on a tree in bay area.
花木 2012-11-18 06:54 AM
“少年狂”,一般都是老fu 发。
ZYY 2012-7-20 12:25 PM
panda: ok, Sat dinner would be good, I will be around 7 pm, if no other changes.

thanks, see you.
ZYY 2012-7-19 12:31 PM
panda: have to be sat or sunday. what time is good for you? let me know.

if you want to visit 红木森林公园,best bid probably is join a chinese tour group, o ...
ZYY 2012-7-19 12:27 PM
panda: have to be sat or sunday. what time is good for you? let me know.

if you want to visit 红木森林公园,best bid probably is join a chinese tour group, o ...
ZYY 2012-7-18 02:38 PM
好,好,你什么时候有空来?我哥哥28号回国,另外请问,从湾区乘Fremont  Bart 再转乘公共汽车到Napa ,到红木森林公园,有可能吗?
ZYY 2012-5-22 11:08 AM
雪梅花 2010-3-1 08:36 PM
红豆 2009-12-4 04:35 AM
panda: next time you can steal my egg. aprilfool seems know exactly when the eggs were lied :)
Thank you for the invitation.  那豆姑我就不客气了也~~~
红豆 2009-12-4 03:59 AM
panda: got it, thanks. do you want some eggs? :)
红豆 2009-12-3 10:42 PM

panda 2009-11-16 07:02 PM
轻风 2009-11-16 06:59 PM
和谈 2009-10-24 12:07 AM
Chang_Le 2009-9-24 08:28 PM


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